Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Chaos at the house!

Hey everyone.

So i thought i should share this with all of you today!! I have 2 beautifull little girls , one is 6 and the other one 4.Im a fulltime working mom and married to a wonderfull husband! Too wonderfull because sometimes i feel like he handles everything better than i can ever dream of handling it!! Its school holidays and so i have to get a nanny to look after the kids while im at work. It was the first day yesterday and every thing was a mess when i got home. First the children drew pictures on the walls, then they took their bubble bath and tried cleaning the walls! After that my 4 year old jumped on the couch and then on my coffee table which then left me with 2 pieces of a coffee table! I was so furious but at the same time felt bad!! I knew that i am working until 5 everyday and to come home everyday knowing that you only have 2 hours with your children before they go to bed you dont want to use that time being angry and be angry with them but also its my responsibility to dicipline them! Sometimes its not easy to give them a hiding just after you got home. I absolutely hate it!  For me family means everything but as alot of you out there know a mom does not have it easy. Children are a blessing but sometimes i feel like i just need some time out! Time to myself! Please share your thoughts with me as i would like to hear all your stories! 

Have a nice mommy day♥♡♥

Busy Bee